Colour analysis

Confused about what colours to wear? Are you looking in the mirror and cannot decide about this dress or a top, keep it or not, does the colour suits me or not? Does this pattern suit me at all? We all probably thought that at times. To help you look even better I offer a professional colour consultation done with over 100 colour swatches.

Colour Analysis: White
Colour Analysis: Red
Colour Analysis: Green

Knowing what colours to wear is a very powerful knowledge which will enable you to shop for the right type of clothes in the future. The right colour can make you look glowing and younger and wrong colour will accentuate dark shadows under eyes or can make you look tired. The right colour makes the difference. Colour consultation takes place in a client’s house and usually takes 2 hours.

Why not have a colour analysis and wardrobe consultation together? I can offer a very good discount on both.

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