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Need a complete change?

Fed up with the way you look?

Why not try my "Drab to Fab" makeover service?


I work with the top hairdressers and make up artistis just to give you this wow factor. Makeover involves a complete change of hair, make up and new clothes.


You will also receive a colour swatch during consultation with me to help you remember your colours.


Read below about my recent "yummy mummy" makeover with my client Lou and her requirements.


"So, I like a lot of different 'styles' but fail to ever really pull one off very well.

Whenever I do shop I tend to shop on the net, if I go to the high street I tend to try to go to any different shops that have individual dresses that I can just pull on regardless of the weather-bare legs and dolly shoes if warm, tights and boots if chilly. Then throw on a biker style jacket over the top.

Otherwise I live in skinny jeans baggy t-shirts and buckle boots with a cardigan/coat. I have an issue with getting up in the morning and knowing what to wear that isn't this.

And I only have two sets of skinnies, about 3 tops and two cardys sooo...I tend to wear the same clothes slightly amended day after day. I have a great fear of being overdressed and would always prefer to be under dressed and like to be comfortable especially when it comes to my stomach and arms.


I have no massive issue with the rest of my body really as long as I have the right underwear on and there are no lumps and bumps! I love boots (probably too much-Doc Martins /knee highs/ankles) but after having Constance my daughter I've gone up a dress size and am conscious I look more 'dumpy' then I used to when I wear flat ones especially when I wear skinnies.


Feel too overdressed in heels on a day to day basis but I admire other people that can survive on them! I like wedge shoes/boots.I like kooky shoes though and would wear TUK shoes / have had some.

The flat ones are super comfortable but do make my feet look big haha! Irregular shoes are great but a bit more full on! Love the 50's stuff, the dresses, high waisted trousers-have looked at clothes on Collectif and Vivienne of Holloway website before. Wiggle dresses are fun to try and eat a 3 course dinner in :-)


Also love the steam punk accessories-always loved a bit of rock and roll but as im not a girly girl but would like a balance of both girly and edgy. Love long dresses/skirts but can never get the top right. Pretty/relaxed/edgy/as low maintenance style as possible I think is what I THINK I would like.

I've never worn brown and I would say I would like to continue not too :-) my greatest fear is looking like a middle age 'mum'.I love purple/green/silver but do wear most other colours. Hair wise I have always had long hair. I have tried most fringes blunt/side/middle parting.


My hair had been very flat on top since I've had to tie it back for years and years due to work and I think it struggles to get volume. In the pictures I sent I had blow dried and partially straightened it hence the smoothness and extra volume.

My hair seems to get greasy quickly too. I have not an awful lot of time to fuss about my hair and regularly am having to wash and just leave it to dry naturally which ends up in fluffy/frizzy/wavy hair that im unable to wear down as it looks odd.


Colour wise I have been red/black/blonde-ish and also had a few streaks of random colour put through. I'm happy to experiment with all colour, something naturally funky would be great. I like big hair, would love to be naturally curly that would be my ideal :-) to get up, run some serum through my curls and go. I have rather a large forehead and round face, so harsh pulled back hairstyles don't seem to suit me.

Would love an afro haha!

I am open to all suggestions and advice though. I also love plaits / relaxed French plaits, all different styles through the hair, look very pretty and I have absolutely no idea or ability to put my hair in anything other that a ponytail or a bun. Skin wise, I can get very pale and my skin can still get outbreaks.


My eyes have quite dark shadows underneath and would like to find the basic make up suitable for me and how to apply it. Hopefully im not too random with my likes and dislikes and this will be of some help for you :-) its actually really difficult to describe!"


My approach. . .


"I first looked at Lou colours and she was a very clear classic Autumn, warm colours. She was slightly a pear shape so she needed to draw attention to her top rather than bottom half through details or pattern.


She wasn't after a glamorous makeover as her lifestyle was casual and she worked from home and needed clothes she could wear whilst looking after her child.Majority of her clothes were picked in White Stuff Norwich store as the brand caters for casual every day effortless style. I have also picked her bright coloured green jeans from Gerry Weber range in Jarrolds department store as they are very on trend and with the right outfit can make a real change with the way you look.


With Lou's look it was very important to draw attention to the top so picking a cardigan with a small heart pattern and a scarf really complemented her sweet girly features. She also told me that she wouldn't normally wear red but she found out that a structured red jacket mixed with fresh red and white stripe suited her really well. Look at the top picture on the left."


So , if you like what you see or would like to find out more give me a ring on 07778899088 and I will tailor makeover to your individual needs!


If you don't need a makeover yourself I also have a makeover gift voucher you can buy for your wife/partner.


It's a great idea to treat this special person in your life for birthdays, Christmas and other occasions.Gift Vouchers are valid for one year so it makes it easy to arrange it. I would love to hear from you!


Joanna, the Hairdresser input . . .


"Lou have a beautiful hair to work with. Thick and good condition. My idea was to cut some of the length of, and build up some movement, just to get rid of heaviness. Colour vise, I want to give the hair some brightness and I decide to apply some rich brown all other. Also I put few slices of lighter caramel tones to give the hair some interesting look, there are placed underneath. At the end of hair makeover for Lou, I cut her fringe, so she will be able to wear it straight or on side. Finish effect was fantastic!"