Getting the right dress if you are a Pear shape

I started writing about body shapes and what to wear and came across another dress from Dorothy Perkins range which I thought was great choice for a Pear. If you are Pear it means you have a narrow, often sloppy shoulders, slim waist and usually size or two bigger hips, often curvy thighs.

It's difficult to shop for trousers as usually they fit on hips but not on waist.

Again you need to follow your natural body line when picking your clothes.

So if you need a dress make sure that it has cap sleeves or shoulder pads because this feature will broaden your shoulders making your shape in proportion.

Dress featured here does exactly that. It has cap sleeves, small neckline and it's an A-line from the waist, which will accomodate and flatter your hips rather than making them bigger.

If you looking for trousers/jeans you can still wear skinny jeeans if your top is a bit longer, have striky design or frills and ends mid hips. Make sure jeans have smaller pockets as big pocket make bottom look bigger in my experience. I cannot really advice to wear bootcut or wide leg trousers as this depends on the person's height.

I look at everyone individually and make my decision on all available informations.

Struggling to find trousers?Give me a ring on 07778899088!

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