"I decided to search for a wardrobe consultant after feeling that I was struggling to find things in my wardrobe which made me feel stylish, or to put together things in an interesting way. I felt that I had a lot of clothes that I wasn't wearing, but couldn't figure out why... After a ruthless, but very efficient, culling of several items (4 bags full of clothes later!), my wardrobe was drastically slimmed down to key pieces that truly do suit me, based on colour, cut and fit. The interesting thing was that many of the items that Julia discarded were the very ones that I don't seem to wear. With Julia's explanation, I got a different view of why some things suit me and how important colour is and what a difference that makes (finding the right ones!). I'm now very keen to do a shopping session with Julia as I feel confident about her advice on which items to now add. This is exactly what I was looking for as I knew I was going wrong somewhere, I just wasn't sure where... Julia is very generous with her time and doesn't at all rush you. She wrote a very practical list for me to keep as well. I thoroughly enjoyed my morning with her!"

Sil, Norwich.



"I recently spent a wonderful day with Julia in Norwich. Being someone who likes clothes but has never enjoyed shopping, I really needed a kick up the rear to help me be more decisive and creative with my clothing choices. I knew as soon as I met Julia she was going to make the whole process a lot of fun!

The day started off with a trip to the hairdresser to give my hair a snazzy new cut and a streak of colour to liven it up. The best bit about this whole process was the elimination of all that was grey on my head :-) the day had started well! With bouncy new locks I set off to meet the beautician for my makeup. If there was ever a lady to make you envious in the makeup department, this was her. Naturally fresh skin, beautifully applied makeup and an understanding that I am a busy mum who doesn't have all the time in the world to sit and painstaking apply a lot of products. After being poked and prodded with brushes and applicators in places I never had before around my eyes, I was looking almost as good as her! Ah yes, there are my features!

Both the hairdresser and beautician were friendly and approachable and very helpful with all the hints and tips they gave me whether this was quick up-do's or a revived skin regime.

So, with a spring in my step myself and Julia hit the shops. We chatted colours over lunch, what suits my skin/hair type, what doesn't. Can i wear pattern, large or small. What am I comfortable in, what am I not. The information gained from this was invaluable and very interesting. Regardless of this I have to admit when the first thing Julia picked up was a red jacket my heart did stop. I felt out of my depth and that familiar feeling of 'get me out of here' when im trying to shop on my own, rippled momentarily through my body. Still, we took an armful of clothes, most of which I wouldn't pick out myself, into the changing rooms. To my surprise I could instantly see Julia knew her stuff. The colours and shapes she had chosen for me were great. I have never tried on so many clothes in such a short amount of time but it was so worth it. I came away with practically a new wardrobe and a hankering to do more shopping! We zoomed around a few more shops discussing what was in the windows, what was a staple for spring/summer, what I should look to buy next. All I can say is we filled a whole day very easily!

So what have I taken from this. Above everything else, an injection of confidence for myself and creativeness into my wardrobe. I've fallen in love with colours that I previously steered clear of because I thought I didn't like them. When actually, they are perfect for me! I take more risks now and save up for quality clothes rather than cheap as it really does make you feel that extra bit special when those high waisted, lycra fuelled jeans fit you amazingly because everything's where it should be ;-) also ive learnt to accept my body shape a little more and even though im not teeny tiny, who cares. I look and feel good! :-) don't be ashamed of your shape just work with it instead of against"

Lou, Peteborough.



" Shopping with Julia stops you making a major faux pas, which you might well as a man shopping alone. It is also much less painful and saves a great deal of time as she short lists what suits you and gets all the sizes ready – it makes shopping so much quicker. She listens to what you want and adapts. She is also very clear on what looks good on you and what does not and is quite happy to tell you so! I had grave misgivings about shopping with a personal shopper, but my wife persuaded me and it was a great experience. I now have a whole new wardrobe and don’t wear my old clothes ( I hadn't  got around to shopping for at least five years )."

Philip, Norfolk.

" Shopping with Julia is an absolute pleasure and a treat. I trust her completely – it is like shopping with a girl friend but more efficient and straightforward. She is able to adapt to different looks and is unfailingly honest about what looks good and what does not – along with reasons why which help in future shopping sprees.

As a mother of two small children, I also greatly value the fact that it saves an enormous amount of time (a day’s shopping can effectively be completed in a couple of hours) and inevitably money as well as it prevents you making rash purchases that you then regret and never wear."

Claire, Fakenham.



" After I had my baby I lost all my confidence. I've gone up two dress sizes so finding clothes in my wardrobe that actually fit became day to day struggle. Then I found this great personal shopping service, The Fashion Affairs, and couldn't rave about it more.

Julia was professional, knowledgeable and so much fun. I got advice on colour and style that suits me. I definitely recommend her to my friends and family and will use it again​ You changed my life. Thank you.​"

Cara, Norwich​​



" I've been recommended by my best friend to try the service. I was looking for an outfit for my upcoming interview and wasn't sure where to look and what suit will be the best option for me.

The Fashion Affairs stylist  Julia found me a fantastic outfit which made a good impression at the interview and gave me so much more confidence...I got the job! Thank you Fashion Affairs. "

​Alison, London.



" I first met Julia when she was a Personal Shopper with John Lewis. I needed an outfit for a special occasion and during the session soon realised her natural talent and passion for her job.

When I discovered she had set up her own business I was straight on the phone and have since had a wardrobe consultation and two shopping trips, coming home with a few lovely special outfits plus some more casual reasonably priced items. Being in my 50’s I had begun to find shopping frustrating and felt nothing in the shops was right for me. Julia has opened my eyes to different shapes and styles which suit me and given me the confidence to experiment with colour again. The shopping trips are also fun and a great morning out! "

Sue, Norwich.​



" I'm in my fifties and started to really struggle to find day to day clothes. I felt like I was stuck in a rut and I don't particulary have time for shopping nor do I want to wander around the shops for hours. I contacted The Fashion Affairs and found them really helpful and efficient. I now have beautiful modern clothes suitable for me and my age and get compliments every day. I will definitely use your service again."

Fiona, Cambridge.



​" Before I met The Fashion Affairs consultant, I used to get a lot of positive feedback about my style and appearance. However, I felt the need for a change but I did not know how to do it myself. I am a confident, well educated woman who likes problem solving so I decided to use some expert advice.

The Fashion Affairs consultant Julia visited me at my home and went through my wardrobe. With their help I got rid of clothes that aged me or didn't suit me and I only kept a few versatile pieces that I could mix and match at work and when going out with friends. Our next appointment had to do with shopping for new clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. I set a budget and off we went. Shopping became a whole new positive experience. The consultant helped me to choose clothes and I only bought the ones which at the end of the shopping I really needed. My wardrobe is no longer cluttered and I look 10 years younger. My friends, colleagues and my students point out that my whole appearance has got an edge. I no longer go shopping on my own. I save my money and with the help of my personal shopper at Fashion Affairs I update my wardrobe a couple of times a year. I highly recommend the service to everyone out there who would like to save money and look really good."

AP, Academic, UEA, Norwich.